Sunday, May 23, 2010

Never a good intention goes unpunished.....

Before heading home from work on Friday I took a trip to my new favourite fabric store. Mood and B&J are indeed fabulous but I generally leave those stores having spent a lot with very little to show for it. More to the point, generally one doesn't learn to drive in a Ferrari!

Fabrics For Less, on the other hand, is the jumble sale of fabric stores. A rummage around in their off-cuts bin has generated two very large bags of material on which I can practise without fear of wasting my cash and beautiful fabric. Besides, making a skirt for $5 is as much fun as finding a vintage piece in a second-hand store.

Having acquired enough fabric to make suits for an entire office I headed home with the express intention of knocking up a skirt in an evening. The husband was impressed with my motivation and proudly watched as I set about cutting, pinning and beginning to sew. This was until disaster struck. At approximately 8pm when the invisible zipper (yes, one of those again) was pinned and ready for action, my machine threw a tantrum. The tension was all-to-cock (technical term) and no matter what I did, I could not get the machine to behave nicely.

The disappointment quickly led to total psychological shutdown (noticing a trend?) and packaging away the machine and fabric in a huff. I then wrapped myself in my Snuggie and sat on the deck feeling rather aggrieved. I wondered if I had irrevocably damaged the side-loading bobbin in a prior battle when I had taken everything apart to retrieve a broken needle! It was frustrating to be spending so much time on sewing machine mechanics rather than learning construction techniques. Humph!

A little later, the husband suggested that given I had demonstrated my commitment to learning to sew, that perhaps it was time for a POSH MACHINE!!!! My body language immediately changed from gnarled-up-with-a-face-of-doom to small-child-seeing-Christmas-presents-for-first-time. What a result!!!

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