Sunday, May 23, 2010

Invisible zipper foot fail

Invisible zippers, for a novice, are the filo pastry of machine sewing. Having missed the third class owing to allergy medicine ailments I was horrified to learn that I would have to tackle an invisible zipper on my lonesome.

Matters were not helped by my deciding to leave my sewing homework until Sunday afternoon. I had figured I could catch up with the class while the husband was cooking a Sunday Roast. Had I read the instructions before this point I would have realized that invisible zippers require invisible zipper feet to attach them! Unfortunately, despite the prevalence of the invisible zipper in the modern day wardrobe, sewing machines come with all sorts of other obscure presser feet but not one for an invisible zipper!

I almost cried - where on earth was I going to get said foot on a Sunday at 4pm??? I entered psychological shutdown mode and called the end of my latest attempt at a sewing career.

Fortunately the husband showed true resilience in the face of adversity and emotion. He immediately got on to Google and managed to find a little store in the Hassid area of Williamsburg that was open. Saved! The woman in the shop seemed amused by my amateur status and blatant fear of the package of tiny beige and blue plastic paraphernalia purporting to be the answer. She assured me it really wouldn't be that difficult. I retained my skepticism.

If you've ever tried to put in an invisible zipper without being first shown how you will appreciate that I killed one zipper before finally succeeding in attaching another. I sewed the zipper to the seam and also sewed the seam back on the fabric. Fail. On trying to rip the seams out to do it again, I realized that my super tight stitches to make this secure were beyond the capabilities of the seam ripper. The seam ripper broke. The zipper also tore. Tears mark two.

Fortunately the day was again saved by the husband - the-glass-of-pinot-noir-and-Sunday-roast interlude recharged me sufficiently to tackle the beast again and win. Well, sort of.... it didn't look fantastic and I had managed to sew the zipper in too high but it was attached. I could attend class number four....

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