Sunday, May 23, 2010

Commitment phobia

On announcing my intentions to take another sewing class the husband was skeptical. Starting new ventures with aplomb was often followed by rapid boredom onset and dropping out! This time I was serious, I told him. Sometimes I have to sew seeds for years before it's the 'right time'. Now was the right time. I'd found a class at Make Workshop on the Lower East Side. Truth be told, I'd owned the book written by the owner for at least two years and had not managed to make even a napkin! But, what of it? The timing felt good.

Having persuaded my husband of my honourable intentions, I enrolled. In the first class we made a little tie bag and in the second we starting constructing a pencil skirt. By the third class it was allergy season. In a bid to rid myself of puffy eyes and constant sneezing I had taken Allegra-D and ended up with palpitations and sickness. I was going nowhere except the couch! Missing class only added to the palpitations - I could only keep up if I undertook the next steps alone.....

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